This ticket features ROBLOX Support agents Jason and Bob.

Cole Peterson, Oct 12 11:58 (PDT): Edit

I tried to upload a 1-second-long audio piece into ROBLOX, but it was disapproved in moderation because of a glitch, and I was only refunded R$188 out of the R$250 that I payed for it. I now know that you cannot upload mp3 files to ROBLOX that are 1 second or less, but it does not say that on the site, and therefor there is no way for me to know prior to this event. The question is not, "Why did my audio not upload?", but rather, "Can I be refunded completely?" There is no fairness in falling victim to a glitch and losing money because of it. ROBLOX should add information on the audio upload page that tells users that the audio must be more than 1 second long. I was only refunded 188 Robux for audio that I spent 250 Robux on. In the end, I shouldn't have lost 62 Robux because of some glitch that I couldn't have known about, and my account should be refunded 62 Robux. That way, I can lengthen the mp3 file I tried to upload so that it is more than a second long and re-upload it.

Jason, Oct 13 14:59 (PDT): Edit

Good Afternoon Cole,

Thank you for contacting us.

In order for us to help you further, please email back with the username on the account. Always remember to include a username when asking for help so we are better able to assist you.

Once I receive this, I will be able to research it further.

Thank you,

Jason Customer Service  ROBLOX

Cole Peterson, Oct 13 17:28 (PDT): Edit

Oh, yes, I forgot about that. My username on ROBLOX is LUBlasterBuilder.

Jason, Oct 13 19:57 (PDT): Edit

Hello Cole,

Thank you for the follow up.

If you are writing in about a sound file that was blocked, we are forwarding your message to our appeals team for further review. This does not guarantee that Robux spent for uploading a sound will be returned to your account. Remember to follow the Community Rules & Guidelines for uploading any content to ROBLOX.


Jason Customer Service  ROBLOX

Bob, Oct 14 15:09 (PDT): Edit


The problem with this file is not that is to short, but you uploaded a protected or corrupted. You were granted a partial refund already.

Thanks you,