This ticket features ROBLOX Support agents Hilary and Dom.

Cole Peterson, Feb 03 21:30: Edit

I sent a PM to a friend of mine with the word "password" in it when I was talking about someone hacking my account. I didn't actually give him him password, but I find it silly that whenever someone says the word in a message to anyone else that it is regarded as inappropriate language. I was warned by ROBLOX for using this harmless word. I understand that ROBLOX doesn't want anyone sharing their passwords with other users, but what I don't understand is why "password" is treated as a swear word in ROBLOX. No matter what the context, I cannot say the word in any group shout, status, personal message, etc.

Because my account was warned for using this word, I would like ROBLOX to, if it can (and I am almost certain it can), clear this problem from my account so I am not later suspended from playing ROBLOX because of a simple fault in the automatic filter of PMs on the site. If the filter automatically sends the issue to a ROBLOX moderator, then I have no idea what that moderator was thinking when they chose to warn my account for a simple innocent word, and I still request for the issue to be removed from my account's rule-breaking history. Thank you.

Hilary, Feb 05 15:17: Edit

Hi there Cole,

Thank you for contacting us in regards to your account. In order for us to help you further, please email back with the username on the account. Always remember to include a username when asking for help so we are better able to assist you.


Hilary Customer Service  ROBLOX

Cole Peterson, Feb 05 18:24: Edit

LUBlasterBuilder is my username.

Dom, Feb 06 19:44: Edit

Hello Cole,

I'm sorry but account moderation history can not be altered. When our moderators take action against an account we take past history into consideration, this warning  does not mean you will be banned next time you are reported. If you have anymore  questions feel free to write back.

Thank you,