Foster is a ROBLOX agent. She is one of the first known ROBLOX Support agents.

Personality Edit

Not much is known about Foster except that she's probably ranked very high in ROBLOX Support, as she signs with "Foster, ROBLOX" instead of "Foster, Customer Service, ROBLOX." From what is known, she has only ever sent a check-in message to ask how things were going, where she expanded upon one of Susan's terrible responses and offered more support.

Quotes Edit

  • "Usually following those steps resolved this issue for most players."
  • "If you completed all the steps in our help guide here...then please respond back with the answers to the questions we asked in our last email message."
  • "Foster


Appearances Edit

Foster has made one appearance:

  • Gernamy or Sweden (with Susan and Jack)

Last seen: February 13, 2014