This ticket features ROBLOX Support agents Foster, Eileen, and Cheryl.

Cole Peterson, Feb 03 21:01: Edit

My ROBLOX username is LUBlasterBuilder. I understand that if someone hacks your account, ROBLOX cannot help the victim if it is the victim's fault that his/her account has been hacked. I am not at fault for this hack; right now I have no idea as to how anyone could have obtained my password. I never gave my password to anyone, ever. I have been the only person on my computer, and I am absolutely 100% sure of that. Normally, I'd report the player who has done something wrong, but I am emailing ROBLOX customer support because I need more information on the subject and on what ROBLOX can do to compensate for my losses, and I am not quite sure as to who exactly is in on the hacking and stealing of my account's contents.

I logged into ROBLOX and I saw that, instead of having almost R$38,000, I had only around a hundred or so. I checked my hats, and I realized that my Valkyrie Helm, Musica Dominator, and Bluesteel Viking Helm of Infinite Pillage were all missing. According to my transaction history, the hacker also made me buy the Dominus Vespertilio using all of my money.

I was, however, able to find out a bit about who was involved in this, using my trade and sale history:

- The hacker made me sell my Bluesteel Viking Helm of Infinite Pillage to a user named Gradiance ( for 75 Robux. I sent Gradiance several messages concerning this issue, and it appears that he bought the hat before the hacker, who made my account sell the hat for such a low price, could buy it. - The hacker accepted a trade sent by Pikavader ( In this trade request, my account gave my Musica Dominator (ID #225) and a Dominus Vespertilio (the one the hacker made me buy). In the trade, I received a ROBLOX Summertime 2009 R&R&R for these two items. - The hacker also made me sell my Valkyrie Helm to a user named MyRandomAlts ( I am almost certain this is who hacked my account, judging by how he has loads of extremely valuable copies of the same hats. He also has the same exact Musica Dominator that my account traded to Pikavader (Musica Dominator ID #225; see above). Because of the fact that Pikavader had to trade the Dominus and the Musica Dominator to MyRandomAlts, Pikavader and MyRandomAlts must be either the same person, or two people working together to benefit from hacking my account. In both cases, there is sufficient proof that they should both be banned for hacking and stealing from other users' accounts. MyRandomAlts doesn't have the Bluesteel Viking Helm of Infinite Pillage mentioned after the first bullet point.

On the topic of MyRandomAlts and Pikavader getting punished for hacking my account: You can check my account's (LUBlasterBuilder) trade history to confirm that these trades took place. If ROBLOX can track IP locations with every log-in, you will see that there was a suspicious log-in at the time that the hacker took these things from my account. There is Sufficient evidence for these accounts (or at least one of them) to be proven guilty, for there is no way these events could have taken place if they had not worked together to benefit from hacking my account.

I am sending this email mainly to request that I receive complete compensation for my losses. The hacking of my account is not my fault (look through the messages I sent and received for proof if you want to), and therefor, I deserve to either be payed back the total added value of all the stolen items, or be given back the stolen items from the accounts that hacked to take them from me, who deserve to be banned according to the ROBLOX Terms of Service ( I know that ROBLOX can give individual accounts money back, and I am asking you now to refund me after all of my money and three of my hats were stolen.

Please reply to this message, telling me what ROBLOX can do to compensate me for my stolen account items and money. Thank you in advance.

Foster, Feb 05 16:45: Edit

Hello Cole,

Thanks for letting us know about your account. This is everything you need to know if your account is compromised.

The most common way to lose access to your account is through one of the following:

1. Had an easy to guess password 2. Gave away your password 3. Changed your email address to be someone else's. (They would now get your password reset requests!) 4. Left your account logged-in on a public/shared computer 5. Entered your user name and password into a scam sites. (Sites that promise free robux, Builders Club, etc. are not real, they are scams. ROBLOX Admins will never ask you for your password. If anyone or any other site is asking for your password it is a scam) 6. Downloaded a Malware program. You should never download any program or .exe file that is not from a trusted company. Always ask your parents for assistance and permission before downloading any program to your computer. 7. Shared sensitive computer information such as a browser cookie. Cookies are used on internet sites to identify a specific person. Giving out a cookie or other computer information is the same as giving out a password.

Someone may claim to be a hacker, but that does not mean they are a real hacker. Videos on YouTube aren't always real. Don't believe any "hacks" you see on YouTube.

If someone says "I'm going to hack you", that is a threat. You can report people for making threats. Use the Report Abuse buttons located throughout the site. You can still report a user even if they log off. Just put their user name in the "Comments" box that will appear when you click the Report Abuse buttons.

The Report Abuse buttons are the best way to let us know about rule-breakers and bad content. They send Reports directly to our moderators and provide a way for us to keep track of repeat offenders so that further steps can be taken against their account.

To regain ownership of your account please read the following instructions:

If you can log in: -- Change your password -- Update and verify your email address -- Log out and then log back in with your new password

If you cannot login, try to recover by clicking the "Forgot your password?" link below the Login Button. You can also ask us to reset the account by contacting us from the billing email address.

If there is no billing email address you can contact us from the account email address OR if you have used a game card you can provide us with the PIN# for that card redeemed on your account.

If there is no billing email address, no account email address and no game card associated with the account, we cannot reset your account.

If someone else is on your account, they DO NOT have access to your address, or your credit card, or your real name, or any other personal information. There is NO way for them to access this information.

Remember, sharing accounts is against the rules and your account may be moderated as a result of another person being on your account.

We can't guarantee you will get your account back, but we will try to help you to the best of our ability. If you lost items or currency, we do not have a reset feature at this time. Make sure to keep your password private - keep your account safe! Please read these blogs and help pages for more information on account security:

Thank you,

Foster Customer Service  ROBLOX

Cole Peterson, Feb 05 21:02: Edit

*Please read the entirety of my message and respond accordingly. Keep in mind that I am quite experienced with technology and I understand everything that is happening right now.*

I know all of the facts you stated in customer support's previous message, and most of the information you gave is not applicable to my issue. I have complete access to my account; I can log in and do things with it, but the hacker stole things from my account that I have payed for with my money. I refer to 'hacker' as someone who gains unintended access to, in this case, my account. I HAVE changed my password since the hacker logged into my account. The problem is that the hacker (the person who gained unauthorized access to my account) took very nearly all of my account's currency and several of my hats.

I never gave anyone my password, I never visited any scam sites (I would never fall for those tricks; please don't mistake me for someone who would), I haven't downloaded anything at all other than games off of Steam in several months, and would never, ever download any suspicious program, I never changed my email address to someone else's, I did not have an easy to guess password, and I never log in to public or shared computers. I have never done any of the things you listed, and if I did, it had to be very, VERY well disguised.

Obviously, somehow the hacker did access my account. I have been, and will continue to, search my messages in ROBLOX for something that could have caused someone to know my log-in information, but right now, I don't know about anything that could have caused it.

Reminder: My username is LUBlasterBuilder.

This is what the hacker took from me (according to my transaction history): The hacker made my account buy a Dominus Vespertilio hat, which cost all of my money. The hacker then traded the Dominus to another account, named Pikavader, along with my Musica Dominator. The hacker sold my Valkyrie Helm for R$ 75 to himself. His username is MyRandomAlts. He claims that his main account's username is Irascent, and that the account MyRandomAlts is an alternate account. The hacker also tried to sell my Bluesteel Viking Helm of Infinite Pillage to himself for R$ 75, but another user bought it before the hacker could switch accounts and buy it for himself. After the hacker was finished taking things, I ended up with hardly any money on my account, and the items that were taken were: Musica Dominator (#225), Bluesteel Viking Helm of Infinite Pillage, and Valkyrie Helm. You can check my purchase history (I know ROBLOX staff/officials can do that) for specifics.

I have my account back now, but I need these items back. ROBLOX is required to give these items back, since it is not my fault for these items being taken, and I payed for these items with my own money by buying Builders Club, going to BLOXcon: Chicago, and buying several ROBLOX game cards. For proof that LUBlasterBuilder is indeed my account, I can tell you, and you can confirm, that my current credit balance is currently $38.10, and I have not yet converted this balance to Robux. Because of the fact that I payed money in order to get these things on my account, my ROBLOX account must receive compensation for its losses.

I know what account received all off the items I had (they have the same serial numbers) other than the Bluesteel Viking Helm (see above). This account is MyRandomAlts. Obviously, there is sufficient evidence to delete this user's account and redistribute the items to the original owners of them, me included. What ROBLOX would do to refund my account is take the Dominus Vespertillio, Musica Dominator, and Valkyrie Helm away from MyRandomAlts and give them back to me. You can review the IP address of the computer the hacker logged into, or you can look at the trades my account was forced to send, for proof that my account was indeed hacked. ROBLOX needs to give my account (LUBlasterBuilder) compensation, since this issue isn't my fault, and I spent money on ROBLOX in order to get the things that were stolen. Thank you.

Foster, Feb 06 14:21: Edit

Hello Cole,

Thanks for contacting us. ROBLOX does not have a tool to reset player account's at this time. That means that the Robux, Tickets or items lost on the account cannot be restored. However, we are constantly working on ways to make the ROBLOX experience even better for all players. We may be able to offer the compromised account partial compensation in the form of in game currency for what was lost.

Please note: you must let us know within 14 days of the account being compromised for us to be able to investigate this issue or we will not be able to assist in any restoration of currency or items.

In order to look into this further and to ensure that the appropriate action is taken against any player compromising another player’s account, we will need you to follow the instructions below to show us which items were purchased or sold while your account was compromised.

While logged into your account go to the Money page. Please send a screenshot of the items that were purchased with your tickets or robux and any items sold from your account while it was compromised. You must denote which items in the screenshot that you did not purchase or did not sell. We must have screenshots from the money page and ones showing the creator of the items not purchased by your child.

Instructions on how to make a screenshot can be found here:

For instructions on how to take a screenshot from an iDevice, please follow this link:

Thank you,

Foster Customer Service  ROBLOX

Cole Peterson, Feb 06 22:30: Edit

I know ROBLOX has the power to give players *full* compensation for their losses in the form of Robux. ROBLOX has refunded me before. As a reminder, my username is LUBlasterBuilder. Also, I am not a parent, I am a 14-year-old, tech-savvy teenager. Feel free to skip the advice and instruction about how to do certain things on my computer, for I know how to do much more complex things than take a screenshot.

My account was hacked less than 14 days ago, so you have full power to search your database for evidence to my claims: MyRandomAlts must be banned, and I must be fully refunded because of the action taken against my account. When I speak of being refunded, I mean for my account to receive the full total value of all of my losses.

This is the value of all of my items added together. ROBLOX must give my account the combined value, in Robux, of all of the following items. After ROBLOX gives them back, I will have enough money to buy new versions of each of them.

Musica Dominator: R$22,000 Valkyrie Helm: R$3,500 Bluesteel Helm of Infinite Pillage: R$3,500 Total amount of other stolen Robux: R$38,000 *Total amount of Robux needed for full compensation: R$67,000*

Attached to this email are the required screenshots. These screenshots include proof of each of my items and my currency being stolen, as well as proof of who did it (MyRandomAlts). Some of these screenshots are the profiles of each of the people involved in this issue. Thank you.

Attachment(s) A.png B.png C.png D.png Gradiance.png MyRandomAlts.png Pikavader.png Srybon.png

Eileen, Feb 08 05:23: Edit

Hello Cole,

Thank you for providing the screenshots showing the items/currency that were not purchased/sold by you.

I have forwarded this for further review. ROBLOX does not have an account reset feature at this time. However, partial compensation in the form of game currency for items/currency lost to an account may be offered as a one time benefit. Please be patient as it may take up to 5-10 business days to review and receive a reply.

It's important to make sure you have read and reviewed our Account Safety FAQ here:

Knowing important internet safety information and being able to spot scams will help prevent any account you have on any site from being compromised.

Thank you,

Eileen Customer Service  ROBLOX

Cheryl, Feb 18 11:13: Edit

Hello Cole,

Thank you for your patience. As a one time courtesy, the following items have been restored to your account:

Musica Dominator Bluesteel Viking Helm Valkyrie Helm 38,000 Robux

Remember, restoring items and/or currency is one time courtesy. In the future if any accounts belonging to you become compromised, we will be unable to return items or currency to those accounts.

It's important to make sure you have read and reviewed our Account Safety FAQ here:

Knowing important internet safety information and being able to spot scams will help prevent any account you have on any site from being compromised.

Thank you,

Cheryl Customer Service  ROBLOX