John is a ROBLOX customer service agent. He is one of the first known ROBLOX Support agents.

Personality Edit

John usually explains things thoroughly, but rarely explains the right things. He seems to hold the belief that Windows XP and 2000 are still largely popular among clients' computers.

He does what he can to be helpful, but he pays little to no attention to what the client's message actually said, suggesting he has a mental condition that causes him to compulsively write long and in-depth explanations. This also suggests that he has narcissistic personality disorder, as he could be writing these messages for self-gratification, attracting attention, and gaining users' trust.

Quotes Edit

  • "I understand that you have already tried reinstalling Roblox but I would request you to again reinstall the Roblox software by follow the instructions given below."
  • "If you have Windows XP or Windows 2000..."
  • "Can you confirm this Windows 2000 message? Where does this error appear? A screenshot would help us understand it better!"
  • (On the topic of lighting problems) "About making a team fortress 2 game, please read our Terms of Services at this link..."
  • "First, if you have Windows XP, update to Service Pack 2 or later."

Appearances Edit

John has made appearances in the following tickets:

Last seen: April 25, 2014