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Nicole Peterson, Jan 14, 22:46: Edit

Whenever I jump I hear an evil splat sound

From the old Roblox

The splat is scary

An unwelcome memory

I want to forget

But the splat splats on

Every time I jump it comes

I need it gone now

The splat is of old

The sound of the Paint Bucket

When I leap it sounds

Mysterious splat

Shouldn't happen when I jump

Yet still it splats on

But there is yet hope

For surely Roblox Support

Will solve everything


Ray, Jan 15, 13:50: Edit

Hi there,

We appreciate you taking the time to write in with your idea for ROBLOX. We also encourage you to post this and any future ideas in our Suggestions & Ideas forum here:

It's the best way to present your idea and gain support for things you'd like to see from ROBLOX in the future. Although our Community team may not be able to respond to every post, they are always checking the forums daily for great suggestions from our players.


Ray Customer Service  ROBLOX

== Nicole Peterson, Jan 15, 19:28: == You misunderstand I do not mean to suggest

I rather need help

This is a problem

What you see here is a glitch

And I need it fixed

There is no known reason

For this sound anomaly

Help find a reason

Fixing this glitch means

We must find its evil cause

And then fix the glitch

I have heard of one

Another support agent

He is named Cody

Perhaps he will help

Perhaps he will fix the glitch

He's our only hope

Ray, Jan 15, 20:05: Edit


Thank you for following up. The agent to which you refer cannot on their own, fix glitches. That agent, like myself, requires detailed and clear information in order to further investigate.

While we appreciate the creative writing, we need clear descriptions. Since you reference another agent, is this reply in reference to another ticket? We do not see any previous tickets under this specific email, do you have a ticket number?

What precisely is this glitch? From your messages, it seems as if there is an unwanted sound when you jump? Is this the case? If so, is the sound distorted?

It would help us a great deal if you're able to provide a video that displays the issue; preferably a YouTube video.

Please reply at your earliest convenience.


Ray  Customer Service  ROBLOX

== Nicole Peterson, Jan 18, 15:54: == Ya know the sound that you can hear when you click a part with the color fill tool or material tool? That splat happens whenever I jump in games.

Ray, Jan 18, 20:18: Edit


Thank you for following up. We've not experienced this issue ourselves. It's possible a sound file has become corrupted. One thing to try would be to see if simply restarting your computer doesn't solve the issue. Sometimes this is all a system needs to refresh anything that might be giving it difficulty. However, if this does not work, then please visit the following ROBLOX help article for steps on how to re-install our software:

If the re-install did not solve your issue, please reply with a video of your issue; make sure we can hear the sound.


Ray Customer Service  ROBLOX