Mark is a ROBLOX customer service agent. He is one of the first known ROBLOX Support agents.

Personality Edit

Mark is extremely lazy and possibly somewhat brain-dead. Besides forwarding a ticket to technical support, all he has ever said in recorded history is a single copy-and-pasted message about rebooting your computer and clearing your temporary Internet files. He's also added one sentence to this pasted message that assumes that his client had an iPhone to launch ROBLOX on, as if that would even be relevant. He has only ever sent three total replies.

Quotes Edit

  • "Thank you for contacting us. Are you able to play in your iPhone?"
  • "If you have Windows XP or Windows 2000 then Temporary Internet Files are in this location..."
  • "Please search Builderman's Help for Norton, MSN, and AOL specific help."

Appearances Edit

Mark has made appearances in the following tickets:

Last seen: October 24, 2014