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Cole Peterson, Feb 20 17:33: Edit

are roblox gona make it for gameboy? i no its not out now but i want roblox to make roblox for the gameboy in the future is this posable?

can you make roblox for my gameboy? i reely want it for long car rides and stuff because my familie is alwis driving around alot becuase my dad is a spy [i dont no if i was supost to tel you that]

Jason, Feb 22 15:21: Edit

Hello Cole,

Thank you for contacting us. We know that a lot of our players would like to see the ROBLOX Mobile App available for other devices.

Although we don't have a specific time for when this will be released, you can read more about our response to user feedback regarding this.

We've listened to our users and appreciate knowing what's important to them. We appreciate your patience as we work towards creating new features with highest quality.

If you have any other suggestions for the ROBLOX team, please post them here:

Thank you,

Jason Customer Service  ROBLOX