Smith is a ROBLOX customer service agent. He became an agent in around 2015.

Personality Edit

Smith is a very productive Support agent, and is obviously trying to get a raise at work by trying to close as many Support tickets as possible. He replies to more support tickets than any other agent, since he replies to practically all of them with copied and pasted, irrelevant, outdated content. Susan sends similar messages, but she is much lazier and doesn't care about her job. Smith, on the other hand, cares far too much and is always at his work computer, pasting prefabricated messages into emails and sending them like it is his religious duty.

Smith's name, along with Susan's, start with the same letter as Satan's name. They also have the same amount of letters. This has lead to theories about the two agents being Satan's earthly vessels.

Quotes Edit

  • "With all of the power available through ROBLOX and ROBLOX Studio, you may even have difficulty knowing where to start."
  • "We have many different resources available to answer questions about all the features on ROBLOX..."
  • "Are you getting any error messages? What exactly do they say?"

Appearances Edit

Mark has made the following appearances:

Last seen: September 26, 2015