Susan is a ROBLOX customer service agent. She is one of the first known ROBLOX Support agents.

Personality Edit

Susan is an idiot, and she couldn't care less about her job. In known history, she has never sent an email that wasn't fully comprised of copy-and-pasted, irrelevant, prefabricated material. Based on how easy it is for Susan to finish and send an email, she should be among the most common Support agents to answer clients, but she isn't remarkably common to see because she often takes breaks and gets distracted on her computer at work.

It is safe to assume that throughout her life, Susan has never helped a single person, ever. She is most likely an apathetic, vain teenage girl working at ROBLOX Support to make money that she believes will give her worthless life purpose. It has been theorized that Susan is in fact one of Satan's human vessels, along with Smith. Both Smith and Susan both have the same number of letters in their names as Satan, plus both of their names start with S.

Quotes Edit

  • (After no error messages were mentioned) "The error that you are receiving: HttpSendRequest failed: HRESULT 0x80072efd"
  • (While responding to the inability to launch ROBLOX) "If you need coding assistance, I recommend you take a look at the scripting wikipedia, found here...If you get stuck at any point, you can ask around the Scripting Helpers forum"
  • (When responding to the inability to launch ROBLOX) "Can you provide us with a link?"
  • "We have forwarded your message for further review."
  • "Thank you for writing to us about your sound issue...Can you provide us with a link?"

Appearances Edit

Susan has made three appearances:

  • The Cursor
  • Gernamy or Sweden (with Foster and Jack)
  • The Headphone (with Ray, Mark, JJ, and Jack)

Last seen: March 1, 2014