This ticket features ROBLOX Support agent Jason.

Cole Peterson, Jan 11 22:26: Edit

My compuper cannot handle it when I twerk in Sharknados and my game brother says Abraham Lincoln is zombie which I need to defeat so what du I do my brain is lagging and my eyes aren't getting good FPS. Pleeeeeeez hilp me thanks a lot guise I think you are great. Ps Can you feel my imaginary friend.

If yu don't want 2 help me that is fine but my mummy says she will su u for a zillion dollars if you dont help me.

P.S: I like turtles

Jason, Jan 12 17:40: Edit

Hello Cole,

Thank you for your question. Please review the below help article that shows which platforms ROBLOX can be played on:

In regards to the 3DS, although we try to make all our products as widely available as possible, we also have to keep up with current technology. This means that we are not able to provide support or a version of the Mobile app for any versions not listed above.

However, if you have any other suggestions for the ROBLOX team, or feel that another device should be supported, please post here: Our team checks the Suggestions & Ideas forum daily for helpful ideas from players and builders.


Jason Customer Service  ROBLOX